Portland, Oregon - UPA conference 2009

Our next full workshop is on Monday 8th June at the UPA conference in Portland, Oregon.

Join Kathryn Summers, Whitney Quesenbery and Caroline Jarrett.


Many people have reading difficulties, maybe because of an impairment, poor access to literacy or because they are reading in a second language. If you are a researcher, practitioner or advocate then come to share resources and learn about how best to design for people who do not read easily.

This workshop is part of a continuing series of interactions with a diverse group of practitioners and researchers, gathering what we know about designing for people who do not read easily.

We will:

The day will be a mix of mini-presentations to share individual work and guidelines, group discussions on similarities and differences in our work, and practical exercises to improve sample web pages and other written materials.


When you register for the workshop, you must create a brief position paper that includes:

  • Your past work and interest in the topic
  • Current motivation for attending
  • Critical issues in designing to read
  • Issues to avoid
  • Your guidelines
  • Suggested references

Position Paper Due: May 4, 2009
Notice for Acceptance: May 18, 2009
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