Barbara Ballard

Little Springs Design

CHI 2010 workshop: Position statement for Barbara Ballard

My background and interest in the Workshop

My history at IBM, Sprint, and most recently at Little Springs Design, includes design for mobile applications, web sites and services, speech recognition, and desktop applications.

In my book Designing the Mobile User Experience, I describe the different components affecting the user experience and principles applicable to the mobile environment. My aim in the book is to enable designers to choose effective technologies, platforms, and devices, plan appropriate application features, apply pervasive design patterns, and choose and apply appropriate research techniques.

In our consulting practice at Little Springs Design, we challenge clients to create better mobile experiences: more useful, more personal. When making a site or application, what should their strategy be? One experience for all, or some intelligent optimizations? One means a poor experience for many or all of their customers, but the other doesn't have to be ten times the price.

The reason why I attending

Mobile phones are bridging the digital divide, and even provide tools for those with vision difficulties to improve how they interact with the world. But designing information services and web sites for those with literacy and vision challenges remains difficult.

I plan to share information on existing technologies and existing challenges in mobile.

Critical issues to be discussed

We need to improve:
* Screen reader software
* Haptic feedback
* Browser design
* Information design
* Non-text input
* Speech recognition
* Text to speech

Fortunately, these are within technological reach. Unfortunately, that doesn't fully solve the problem.