Rachel McAlpine

Rachel teaches writing and blogs about better content at Contented: content that makes people happy.

Here's an extract from her post about her temporary difficulties with reading:

" Last week I had a 5-day migraine, or maybe that was 6 migraines in 5 days. That’s my annual allowance in a single week ...  last week text splintered into bits and bobs, holes appeared in paragraphs, book pages pulsed with yellow and grey polka dots, staircases and shells and sparkling diamonds competed for my attention, and I could not fixate on more than one word at a time...

It passed. It got no worse. It’s not eye disease or a brain tumour. Which means this week I revert to reading with ease.

Lucky people like me take sight and reading for granted. Even so, it’s not easy reading on a screen. Computer work is the main cause of a heck of a lot of people’s migraines. I’m fine today, but super-sensitised, I dare say. I can still see glimmering patches of light and shadow on the screen, and those letters are not entirely still. I dare say our clever brains usually edit out these flaws.

When writing web content, have mercy on your readers. Orderliness and white space help us. So does conciseness. So I’ll stop now."